To Write Love On Her Arms Official Trailer Starring Kat Dennings

You may have heard of TWLOHA or To Write Love on Her Arms, a non profit organization who are dedicated to helping those struggling with depression, addiction, self injury and suicide. The film To Write Love On Her Arms is based on the true story that started a global movement.

A drama centered around Renee Yohe and her battle with drugs, depression, and other life issues that ultimately leads to the founding of charity group To Write Love on Her Arms.

Kat Dennings stars as a Florida teenager named Renee who has bipolar disorder. Renee falls into a downward spiral of addiction and abuse, only to be pulled out of it by friends.

The film is named after the nonprofit, which in turn was named after a blog post written by founder Jamie Tworkowski about a real-life Renee who was struggling with addiction and abuse.

To Write Love On Her Arms IMDB

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