Festive Clips and Our Review for Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

A woolly mammoth dances next to constellations of a Lion followed by his cub, people cheer, mouths hang open, eyes as wide as ever. This is the stuff of dreams.

Rickey Gervais smiles as he lets himself believe in magic.

We all begin to believe, for a minute that this is possible.

natmViewed on a gigantic IMAX screen, there wasn’t a piece of this show that didn’t feel utterly spectacular.

The comedy, though ladened with obvious yet giggle-fit worthy jokes, was filled well with a mix of funny guys from well-known family favourites.

Carrying this epic is the brilliant Ben Stiller as Larry, giving us a two-fer this go around, he is also playing his “twin”, Laa, a new Neanderthal from the museum. He is the comedic cave-man, less brute and savagery, more “head bang”, following his doppelgänger around, everywhere he goes. This polystyrene eating copy-cat who falls in love at first sight with the shocked Mindy is a great addition.

Another of the great stars from this family show, (aside from Dex the monkey), is the fabulous Rebel Wilson, in the role of the British History Museum’s security guard Mindy. I only wish that every other line wasn’t about her appearance. It was uncomfortable and unnecessary, out of place, and rude, even more so because she was the only prominent female in the whole film, and yet she was still downgraded to making funnies about herself.

Still, packing her faux British accent, and a few good moves, we danced in our seats as the credits rolled, filing this one as one of the good ones.

Less for story, more for the special effects…

2.5 stars

Check out these festive clips from the movie which hit cinemas today

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