The Best Films of 2014. Is Your Favourite Here?

According to TimeOut, it’s been a bit of a funny year for the world of cinema. There’s been some mind blowing successes, and the ones that make us all shrug our shoulders feeling like we just wasted two hours sitting on our bottoms! So when TimeOut came to compiling a list of the best 20 films for 2014 now we near it’s end, they wondered if they could even reach 20! They managed it! So here are their top 20 picks for the year.

Did your 2014 movie make the cut? Or do you think there were some other great movies from 2014 that weren’t included? Or maybe TimeOut has included movies you didn’t know existed and now need to watch! We know there’s a few here we hadn’t heard of!

We wonder what movie brilliance 2015 will bring!

You can find out more about these movies here

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