Fantastic Christmas Book Ornaments For Every Literary Lover

Want the perfect book ornaments to decorate your tree and home this Christmas well look no further

1Outlander Mini Book Ornament Set
2” tall mini books with little red ribbons, perfect for the Outlandish Christmas tree!
Set includes all 8 books currently out.
2The Fellowship of the Ring, Lord of the Rings Book Ornament
This beautiful ornament is perfect for any fan of The Lord of the Rings Series. The 2 5/8″ ball is covered with the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, highlighting the stand out phrase “One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne In the Land of Mordor where the shadows Lie. One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to fine them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”

The ornament is given a nice coating of gloss sealer and is adorned with a gold ring with Elvish writing etched on the outside. The top of the ornament where the hook attaches is painted a lovely gold color to give it that extra special touch.
3Christmas Tree Ornament Mini Leather Journal
This mini journal ornament is the perfect gift for the writer in your life, your kids’ teachers or even as a special treat for yourself!

The ornament is made from one of my full functioning mini journals created by using the scraps leftover from my larger journals. This makes sure that nothing goes to waste. Attached to the journal is a loop of ribbon perfect for hanging.

The journal measures approximately 1×1.25 inches and contains 80 pages (counting both sides) of sturdy 67lb acid free, archival quality paper perfect for any dry media and even fountain pen ink. The pages are divided into four sections and then bound directly to the cover using strong linen thread.
4The Fault in Our Stars Inspired Christmas Ornament
Okay? Okay. The Fault in Our Stars inspired christmas ornament.

THIS ORNAMENT IS MADE TO ORDER and is created with polymer clay and sealed with polyurethane varnish. Personalisation and year is included in the purchase price. Just include name in “notes to seller” at time of purchase.
5Jane Austen Christmas Pumpkin and Ginger Spice Sachet, Christmas Gift
Handmade hanging sachet scented with pumpkin and ginger essential oils. Perfect for a closet, Christmas tree, or anywhere in your home. Features the quote by Jane Austen “Have a cheerful, and at times even a merry, Christmas”. A truly unique Christmas gift. Made with high quality cotton.

Approx. 5×5 inches. Also available with Cinnamon and Clove scent. Each sachet is unique and may vary slightly.

6Shakespeare Garland from Recycled Books
Now you can choose your favorite Shakespeare play to cover this fun ball garland. It makes a perfect gift for a director or teacher and wonderful party decor… but it’d look great at home every day, too.

The lightweight balls on this garland will be left unknotted on your choice of coffee-dyed cotton twine or leather. They’re easy to slide into whatever position you’d like. If you space them about 6″ apart, they’ll evenly fill the six-foot string. I covered each of these balls by hand, so each one is unique.

7Vintage Paper Hearts Garland Choose Your Novel/Length
Your chose of book will be made made from old vintage novels which have been saved from certain death and recycled to extend their life.
Perfect for adding a unique and individual touch to your home decor or giving as a unique gift.

starting at 9 feet up to 20 feet, you choose. The hearts are 2″ and are stitched together with sturdy cotton and finished with reinforced hearts and eco friendly hemp twine ties at each end.

8Vintage Book Ornament – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Beautiful clear glass ornament filled with the dainty hand-cut and curled vintage strips of the classic novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Made with the pages of discarded and damaged vintage books no longer suitable for resale.

Ivory satin ribbon hanger is included to complete this lovely shabby chic ornament. Lighting causes the ornament to throw a lacy shadow.

Size: 3.5 x 2.75 inch bulb
Shape: Bulb

9The Hobbit Book Ornament
This handmade ornament is made from the actual pages of J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” This is the perfect gift for the ultimate Hobbit fan!
10Accio Ornament, Harry Potter-inspired Ornaments
For one Accio Ornament either featuring characters from the wonderful world of Harry Potter. These ornaments are hand painted and embellished with coordinating ribbons. Names and/or dates can be added to the back free of charge for the extra special touch. They make great gifts for Harry Potter fans!
11To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee -Hanging Heart
This puffed heart is perfect for any lover of Harper Lee’s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Hand embroidered with the book’s title, author and date of publication, this unique accent piece is perfect for any book lover! Hang this beautiful heart by it’s satin ribbon on any hook or knob, and keep one of your favorite books close to your heart! This heart measures 5.5″ x 11″ when hanging.
12Set of 4 Beatnik Pop Art Literary Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is a set of handmade papier mache Beatnik theme Christmas decorations, perfect for that literary, pop-art enthusiast who’s difficult to buy for.

The set has one On The Road paper-back Penguin book, one Brillo Box (Andy Warhol style), one banana and one sparkly white star

They’re approximately 3″ in diameter and weight very little so they won’t drag down tree branches.
13Book Ornament – Customisable & Handmade
Show your bookish pride with a customizable handmade book ornament! This miniature book replica makes a wonderful gift for the holiday-loving book nerd in your life.

Create custom-bound books by hand, folding edges and binding pages with thread and archival glue. The books open easily to read typeset pages of your favorite quotes. The pages have a deckle edge that accents the books’ handmade nature.
14Comic Book Flower Ornament
This ornament was crafted from pages of a Captain America Comic book into this amazing and unique piece of home decor. There are 10 small paper flowers contained in this 3 inch ornament.

Each flower is finished with a black gem and the ornament hangs from a short length of red ribbon.
15Anne of Green Gables Quote Botanical Sachet Ornament
A sentimental gift for your best friend, this botanical sachet ornament with Anne of Green Gables quote says it all: True friends are always together in spirit.

For that special friend who is moving away, going off to college, or lives long distance, this ornament made of rustic cotton filled with organic dried flowers for soft floral fragrance will be a gentle reminder of your affection.

Measures approx. 4″ x 4″.

16The Hunger Games/Fifty Shades/Harry Potter/The Mortal Instruments Ornaments
Obsessions are a speciality for Totally-Obsessed and why would it not extend to your Christmas tree? One of our specialties is custom ornaments whether it be books to gaming. If your ship it we can can help. We work with you to create that perfect ornament that befits your obsession. Each ornament is hand painted and crafted to last year’s to come.
These ornaments are available in two sizes standard glass ornaments are what can be found at most retail stores and the shatterproof is anywhere from 50-60mm.

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