‘Beowulf’ Set For New ITV Adaptation.

The last time we saw the poem ‘Beowulf’ on screen, it was the big screen featuring Ray Winstone, but it’s set for a fresh return on our telly boxes as our UK television channel ITV have ordered a 13 part adaptation of the classic!

Working on the new project are Tim Haines and Katie Newman with the show due to be shot on location in Durham and Northumberland!

We’re told the new series will open with the warrior Beowulf paying his respects in Herot to Thane, Hrothgar, who raised him. But the infamous monster Grendel attacks Herot, leaving Beowulf with no choice but to track down the beast and stop it.

The show is due to begin filming in April 2015 but there is no casting news as of yet, which of course also means no launch date for the adaptation.

Watch this space!


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