Are These the Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature

C.S. Lewis said in his book An Experiment in Criticism

Those of us who have been true readers all our life seldom fully realize the enormous extension of our being which we owe to authors. We realize it best when we talk with an unliterary friend. He may be full of goodness and good sense but he inhabits a tiny world. In it, we should be suffocated. The man who is contented to be only himself, and therefore less a self, is in prison. My own eyes are not enough for me, I will see through those of others. Reality, even seen through the eyes of many, is not enough. I will see what others have invented. Even the eyes of all humanity are not enough. I regret that the brutes cannot write books. Very gladly would I learn what face things present to a mouse or a bee; more gladly still would I perceive the olfactory world charged with all the information and emotion it carries for a dog.

Below are listed some of the most beautiful and profound phrases used by authors. One of our favourites is that of Cassandra Clare used at the top of our page from the Infernal Devices. Which of these sentences has had an effect on you or how you live your life?


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