Alternative Christmas Movies to Watch This Year

christmasmovies Normally when you think of watching a Christmas movie the last thing that comes to mind are nasty creatures that shouldn’t be fed after midnight or some sweaty cop wailing yippee-ki-ay at the top of his voice while he singlehandedly saves the occupants of a building from terrorist burglars. The alternative Christmas movie is now as much a part of our TV watching tradition as Turkey, The Queen’s Speech and a huge tin of Quality Street! Here’s a list of some of out favourite alternative Christmas movies.






children-of-menChildren Of Men – Not a bit of tinsel in site in this 2006 dystopian sci-fi from Alfonso Cuaron. Clive Owen plays Theo who struggles to protect a young pregnant mother bearing the first child to be conceived in 20 years. Definite hints towards the Nativity.







die-hard_0Die Hard 1 and 2 – John McClane goes to visit his corporate wife and all hell breaks loose in this first outing from Bruce Willis. The sequel was also at Christmas set at Dulles airport with a lot of snow and explosions. Oh the weather outside is frightful . . .







batman_returns-catwomanBatman Returns – Gotham City was covered in snow, so yes, it counts!








lethal-weapon-original-1Lethal Weapon – There’s a scene at a Christmas tree market so it must be a Christmas movie right?








trading-placesTrading Places – Two unscrupulous old milionaires make a bet and chaos ensues. A drunk, slamon stealing santa, a street hustler and a prostitute with a big heart make this a winner.







gremlins_christmas_gizmoGremlins – Hands up who wanted a Gizmo for Christmas? Break the rules and you’ll see the ugly side of the mogwai!







the-long-kiss-goodnightThe Long Kiss Goodnight – Set around Christmas and with Elvis Presley’s Santa Claus is Back in Town, that’s where the festivities end for this thriller penned by Shane Black of Lethal Weapon fame.







best-alternative-christmas-movies-it's-a-wonderful-lifeIt’s a Wonderful Life – An angel stops a man from commiting suicide by showing him the affect his life had on others. There’s a Christmas tree and a few carols thrown in to make this classic a bit more festive and lots of snow.







Bad-Santa-2-billy-bob-thorntonBad Santa – There is nothing round and jolly about this guy. He’s the anti Santa who drinks and smokes but this makes for one hilarious black comedy.







indexThe Holiday – You could be forgiven for thinking this is a traditional Christmas movie but it’s actually just set at that time of the year. Two women swap houses to get away from their lives and find love. Yes, it’s mushy but Jack Black is in it and that’s a good enough reason to add it to the list.





love-actually-1Love Actually – Tells the story of lots of people falling in love around the holidays. It also has an octopus in the Nativity!






HomeHome Alone – You’ll be forgiven for thinking this is a classic but it’s not about Christmas at all. It’s about a young lad called Kevin who likes cheese pizza and gets left behind by his family who go off to France. Two bumbling theives try to outwit this sneaky little kid with hilatious results. Home Alone 2 Lost in New York was a worthy sequel but give the 3rd one a miss.

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