This Year’s Christmas Adverts – Tissues Not Supplied

This year, the major stores have gone all out to get our tear ducts working overtime and to make their adverts stand out from all the rest. Here are this years offerings. We have our favourite, which one is yours?

John Lewis

More Christmassy than Santa sitting in a fir tree, eating a mince pie and telling you about the shiny penny he got in his stocking as a lad, the John Lewis ad appearing on our screens marks the official start of the season.

Marks & Spencer

M&S usually go all-out with the glamour and glitz for their Christmas ad, but also tend to go OTT when it comes to length (Helena Bonham-Carter’s take on Alice in Wonderland was pretty lengthy). And this year is no different, as two fairies swoop over a city doling out presents.


This year, they’ve finally cottoned on that a weepy plot accompanied by a jingly-jangly guitar soundtrack and a slowed-down version of some indie nonsense can’t be beaten. And this one’s a cracker!
Why are a group of people heading out of their houses at midnight on Boxing Day? Where are they going? What does it MEAN? When you find out you will do a cry.


Waitrose’s Christmas offering attempts to go down the weepy route, but lands several feet shy of ‘blub!’ A young girl is trying to make Christmas biscuits for a school fair. After about a million attempts during which her homework is literally eaten by a dog, she succeeds.


Think of Mulberry, and your first thought is unlikely to be that they’re a company with an acute sense of humour. Tons of cash, yes, all the laughs, no. But they’ve surpassed themselves with this funny, self-deprecating ad which pokes fun at a posh family trying to outdo each other as they exchange gifts.


This year, Aldi have attempted to mimic their success of last year by showing scenes from a whole host of Christmasses including the obligatory Forces celebrations with the message that, “Everyone’s coming to us this Christmas.” Sadly, it falls short, and manages to be a bit annoying.


Made in partnership with the Royal British Legion, Sainsbury’s marks the 100-year anniversary of the First World War with this moving tribute to the day British and German forces put down their guns and left their bunkers at Christmas to play a game of football. Cynical ploy or moving feast?
The complete lack of Sainsbury’s products in the ad keeps it the right side of tasteful, and its simple message, that Christmas is for sharing, will floor you every time.

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