The Big Friendly Giant Has Been Found for Steven Spielberg’s Forthcoming Adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG

It was announced on Monday by DreamWorks Studios that three time Tony Award winner and two time Olivier Award winner Mark Rylance has been cast as the title character in The BFG. Steven Spielberg will direct the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s much loved children’s novel which comes to the big screen in 2016.

As I witnessed on stage, Mark Rylance is a transformational actor. I am excited and thrilled that Mark will be making this journey with us to Giant Country. Everything about his career so far is about making the courageous choice and I’m honored he has chosen The BFG as his next big screen performance. – Steven Spielberg

The BFG which was originally published in 1982, follows the dream catching Big Friendly Giant and his new friend Sophie as they set out to stop the horrible Other Giants who live alongside The BFG in Giant Country and generally prefer eating human beans than catching dreams.

We are ecstatic at this choice. Mark is incredibly talented, one of the great British actors working today. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Mark perform, and the thought of watching him transform into ‘the only nice and jumbly Giant in Giant Country’ is, as The BFG himself might say, absolutely phizz-whizzing. – Luke Kelly (Managing Director of the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and Dahl’s grandson)

Production begins on The BFG in early 2015 and the movie is set to open in the US on 1st July 2016, followed by the UK on 22nd July 2016 which also marks 100 years since Roald Dahl’s birth, so it will be a year of celebrations.


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