Literary Halloween Costumes

It’s almost that time of year again when the kids start saying mummmm, daddddd, I wanna be . . . but then they tell you – ‘You hafta dress up too if you’re coming trick or treating with me’. Riiight. So what do you go as? Well, you could always don a sheet and go as a ghost or, as one site suggested, costumes only a Games of Thrones fan would understand (see link at the bottom) or why not channel you’re favourite horror novel? Dads (or brothers, uncles, grandads) could go as one of the many incarnations of Dracula from the traditional fangs and black cape to the more modern Dracula Untold as portrayed by Luke Evans although, I doubt many would have a suit of armour knocking around!

For the ladies, why not step outside the box and instead of painting your face green and doing Elphapa as you have for the last 5 years (not that there’s anything wrong with singing Defying Gravity at the top of your lungs even on Halloween) how about Jane Austen, Bette Midler, Anjelica Houston or Helena Bonham Carter?

If you’re looking for simplicity, how about a literary metaphor?

The Grapes of Wrath

Supplies: clothes of your choice, but preferably green. 10 or more balloons, either all green or all purple. A marker.

Directions: Blow up the balloons. Draw angry faces on them. Secure them to your clothes.

A Clockwork Orange

Supplies: Orange shirt, marker.

Directions: Draw a clock on the shirt. Put on shirt. Bonus points for drawing in gears and clockworks.

And as for those Games of Thrones costumes mentioned earlier . . .

GOT Costumes

We are sure that who or what ever you choose to dress up as, your kids will love and the next door neighbours will think your barmy. Enough so that you’ll get the largest sweetie haul of all! Enjoy!

Literary Metaphors

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