James Dashner Reveals Details for Maze Runner Prequel The Fever Code

Fans are getting new information concerning the plot of the Maze Runner prequel The Fever Code thanks to new comments by author James Dashner.

In a recent interview, Dashner drops his first major tease about the premise of his new Maze Runner novel The Fever Code.
He starts off by saying that, “Thomas alludes to something called The Purge in the third book and that’ll be a main event in the prequel that is going to be just nuts.”

Although this alone provides little insight into what we should expect, here is an excerpt from the book:

“He knew enough about the Purge, about its being the shift from the original Creators to their replacements. He and Teresa had had to exterminate the entire staff after an outbreak— they’d had no choice, were the only ones left who were immune. He swore to never think about it again.”
The extermination of an entire staff of people? If this excerpt is anything to base expectations on, it looks as if the tone of The Fever Code will be just as heavy and fearsome as the larger Maze Runner series.

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