Warner Brothers Announce 10 DC Films and Release Dates

Justice-League Warner Bros. studio head Kevin Tsujihara has announced the titles of 10 new super hero movies and when they should be released.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.

Suicide Squad, an adaptation of a comic book that focuses on a team of imprisoned supervillains running black ops missions for the government. It will be directed by David Ayer and will arrive in 2016, which means 2016 will have two supervillain-team movies (assuming The Sinister Six hits its release date).

Wonder Woman will arrive in 2017, after Gal Gadot debuts the character in Batman v Superman

Justice League Part One will also arrive in 2017 and will star everyone, presumably. (The press release specifically mentions that Amy Adams will be in the movie.

The Flash hits theaters in 2018 and will star Ezra Miller. The fact that Miller is already attached to a movie that won’t come out for four years means he’ll definitely appear in Justice League 1 and might even get a cameo in BvS: DoJ. A Flash movie would seem to prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that the DC Cinematic Universe will never intersect with the rapidly expanding DC TV Universe—unless Ezra Miller is playing Jay Garrick, and the DC Cinematic Universe is “Earth-One” to the DC TV Universe’s “Earth-Two.”

Aquaman starring Jason Momoa also arrives in 2018, and it will definitely be awesome.

A Shazam movie hits theaters in 2019. As previously reported, the film will feature Dwayne Johnson as the villainous Black Adam. The film is currently set up at Warner Bros’ sibling studio New Line.

Justice League Part Two will arrive in 2019. Like the first Justice League, it will be directed by Zack Snyder.

Cyborg starring Ray Fisher will arrive in 2020.

A new Green Lantern movie will also arrive in 2020.

Warner Bros. also announced that it’s working on two more DC movies—another Superman solo film starring Henry Cavill, and a standalone Batman film starring Ben Affleck. Left off the release calendar: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s The Sandman and Guillermo Del Toro’s Justice League Dark, two off-mainstream projects that have been in development for awhile.


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