New Jurassic World Poster Keeps it Simple

The new poster for Jurassic World bets on simplicity, featuring an all too familiar logo with the tagline “The Park Is Open.”

The plot line is still very much under wraps.

Jurassic World (formally Jurassic Park IV) is the third Jurassic Park sequel, scheduled to be released in the States on June 12th 2015.
It will be directed by Colin Trevorrow and produced by Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley. Since 2001, Jurassic Park IV has been in development.
Joe Johnston was long attached to direct, with various scripts and release dates until now.
It was classified as being in “development hell” for more than a decade, with producers unsure of it actually happening.
In early 2013, Universal Pictures made its first official announcement on the film, confirming the director and a release date (June 13th 2014) and since then it has been in active development.
On September 10th 2013, Universal Pictures announced a new release date (June 12th 2015) and a new title – Jurassic World.

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