The Maze Runner Series: Final Film Won’t Be Split

With the release of The Maze Runner across UK cinemas on Friday (10th October) more news has been released regarding the future for final installment.

In an interview with Digital Spy, director of The Maze Runner series, Wes Ball shared that his vision for the franchise is to adapt just one film for each book which goes against the recent trend of other franchises to split the last books in series into two parts.

I think three is the number; beginning, middle, end, that’s it. Four? I think there’s something off about four. For me, if I have any say in it, there’s three movies basically. We’re not going to [split a book in two], no way. I think three movies is the right number. You know, like Star Wars!

There has been no news yet whether or not the prequels to The Maze Runner will also be made into films. With the newly announced second prequel The Fever Code which involves the original Maze Runner characters there is no telling which direction Fox could go in.

In other news The Scorch Trials is revving up to begin production any day now. With three casting announcements over the last month, and Twitter hinting that the cast will soon be traveling to New Mexico to begin filming.


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