The Latest Happenings from Morganville, Texas!

It only seems like yesterday since we were all joining the Kickstarter campaign to see the Glass house gang come to life and now it seems that with the latest update from Rachel Caine on the official Facebook page for Morganville: The Series, we are weeks away from seeing the vampire story come to life!

So thanks to author of the books and producer of the series, Rachel Caine, we can share the “whats, whens, wheres and whos” of the upcoming web series!

Each episode of Morganville: The Series will run between ten and fifteen minutes long. The first season covers Claire Danvers arrival in Morganville, meeting the Glass house gang as well as other events that occur in the first novel.

SOON! Really soon! Late October, soon! The specific date is expected to be released along with other details within the next couple of weeks.

The show will air on the Geek and Sundry Youtube network. That means the series will be completely free to watch as long as you can get to Youtube!

As extremely obvious by now, the series is written by Rachel Caine. Directing the show was Blake Calhoun. The duo co-produced the series alongside Felicia Day and had a brilliant cast including popular Buffy star, Amber Benson and Star Trek actor, Robert Picardo.

Why did they decide to turn Morganville into a web series rather than a feature film or network show? There were many reasons:

Nobody can “make a film” or “make a network TV show” because a film takes an army of people, studio commitments and millions of dollars, and a network TV show takes an army of people, studio commitments and … yeah, millions of dollars.

It is the intention after the Youtube run of the show, it will air on other premium outlets like Hulu, iTunes, GooglePlay, etc as well as a DVD release!

Where… again:
Morganville will have a special sneak preview at MCM London Comic-Con (October 24-26) at the ExCel Centre. The gang including Rachel Caine, Amber Benson (Amelie), Lindsay Seidel (Claire), Jordan Farris (Shane) will participate in panel talks, Q&As and premiere the show along with an extra surprise guest!

We’re not done yet…
Rachel Caine will briefly be stopping in the UK after the convention for some bookstore signings, starting with Waterstones Leeds on October 28th. Check the venue for tickets. Rachel expects more dates to be released soon and all of us crazy Morganville fans can keep checking here

Will there be a season two? We’re just going to have to watch this space!


Author Rachel Caine with actress Amber Benson (Amelie)

Along with these updates, Rachel Caine also provided avid readers of the book series who excitedly await the web series release with a little information on the casting process:

I promised you an article about the casting process, so here goes …

For me, casting this show was one of the most unexpectedly difficult things in the process. I mean, I thought, hey. I know what these characters look like in my head! All I need to do is find the person who looks just like that!

But here’s what I learned, very quickly: it isn’t about just the look. When you translate something to a visual medium, your first and foremost consideration has to be this: will the person be able to bring the character to life? Because if they look perfect, but can’t convince an audience that they are the person you need them to be … it fails.

Plus, as a professional, you also have to be sure you can pay an appropriate amount to stay within your own budget … you can’t hire an actor whose rates are way too high, you can’t hire an actor who’s already working and unavailable, and you definitely can’t hire one who’s not interested in the part.

You’re choosing from a pool of people within your budget, who are interested in the work, and — perhaps most critical — will be available in the time frame you’ll be filming.

So while keeping our physical descriptions in mind, we had to focus on a simple, yet fiendishly difficult consideration: who was really selling the character in the auditions?

First, we had the video auditions that we opened up to Morganville fans for the roles of Claire and Eve. Tremendous response from around the world — people from every corner of the globe sent in auditions, and I watched every one of them, all the way through … a total of almost 300 auditions! I was so touched and excited and impressed by the enthusiasm and talent of readers, and I earmarked about ten of those auditions to move to the next round, against seasoned and experienced actors. That was Round 2, which was conducted by casting directors in Dallas, Austin, New Orleans and os Angeles. (I don’t think anyone from the video auditions moved forward through Round 2, which was also extremely competitive.)

Then Round 3 was an in-person audition, in which I was personally involved again.

I learned quickly that auditions are hard. They’re hard for the actors, who have to be calm and poised and do a good job, all the while being judged by people they’ve never met. Auditions are hard for the people on the other side of the table (like me) who want to acknowledge and reward the hard work people put in just to get to the point of standing in front of us … which involved memorizing a HUGE monologue, you guys, I can’t believe I wrote something that long. (In my defense, I’d never done it before. Sorry, actors. Really. So sorry.)

I loved every single person I saw. So many fit my mental descriptions of the roles. So many sold the characters. But when it came down to who did it BEST, that was a terribly hard choice, and I was always aware that in effect, I would be giving someone a job … or denying them one.

Plus, I felt the pressure of all of you, readers and fans, who want to see YOUR vision on screen. Now, I don’t know what’s in your head, and never will; I can only know what’s in mine. I have to accept that a significant percentage of people just won’t like how we cast the show, because that’s how it works … everyone has a mental image, and everyone wants to see it exactly that way.

And that’s okay, too.

I believe in our cast. These actors are amazing and passionate about the story, and so incredibly dedicated … and I hope you will enjoy how they bring this story to life as much as I do. They’re lovely, talented people, every one, and I’m very proud to know them.

Rachel Caine is keen to continue answering fans questions regarding the series and you can ask those on the Morganville: The Series Facebook page.

After a long wait, it’s almost time for us to arrive in Morganville… and it’s guaranteed we won’t want to leave…

Morganville: The Series Facebook page


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