Dothraki Phrases Every Game of Thrones Fan Should Know

Asshekh ezzolat yer Dothraki!

Which loosely translated is today we teach you Dothraki!

Picture the scene, you wake up one morning in an animal skin tent surrounded by warriors and Drogo’s arm draped over you. There’s only one place you could possibly be and that’s in Essos, living amongst the Dothraki. Which is all utterly fantastic except for one thing… You don’t know the language.

So you have a choice, risk your life or learn the language…

Learn the language? Good choice.


David J. Peterson


In honour of the release of Living Language Dothraki, a conversational language course, the author of the course and language creator for the TV series, David. J. Peterson was asked to translate a few phrases for us lost travellers! Although these phrases probably aren’t the kind of phrases he would usually translate for the show.

Peterson was the lucky individual to be chosen to come up with the HBO spoken language by winning a contest, so to speak. GoT producers wanted a fuller language than George R. R. Martin provided in his books so back in 2009 they contacted the Language Creation Society who then held a contest. Peterson, who also served as a language creator for Syfy’s Dominion was among a few dozen people who entered, and he got the gig. He’s been creating Dothraki words, phrases, syntax and sounds ever since.

When asked about creating the language, Peterson said, “I usually just go about translating whatever I feel like at the time,” Peterson says. “For a show like Game of Thrones, of course, there were the books, so I kind of had an idea what types of scenes there would be. I started with those and then branched out.”

Peterson has now created more than 500 Dothraki words and phrases which now create the Living Language Dothraki course. And we have fifteen for you right here. So lets get started.

Starting simple with some easy phrases.

English: Hello
Dothraki: M’athchomaroon

English: Good morning
Dothraki: Aena shekhikhi

English: Excellent!
Dothraki: Athdavrazar

English: Get lost!
Dothraki: Es havazhaan

English: My sun and stars (when addressing a male)
Dothraki: Shekh ma shierraki anni

English: The moon of my life (when addressing a female)
Dothraki: Jalan atthirari anni


And now onto David J. Peterson’s course!

English: “It’s just a flesh wound.”
Dothraki: “Me zisosh disse.”

English: “Have you seen my horse?”
Dothraki: “Hash yer ray tih hrazef anni?”

English: “Have you seen my lady’s dragon?”
Dothraki: “Hash yer ray tih zhavors chiorisi anni?”


“Hash me laz adakha jin zhoris?”

English: “Are these hearts edible?”
Dothraki: “Hash me laz adakha jin zhoris?”

English: “Are these hearts from pasture-raised, sustainably-farmed horses?”
Dothraki: “Hash jin zhori ray efesash hrazefoon fini nem dranesh she ram ma fini nem azhish vigoverat?”

English: “Can you recommend an artisanal hair-braider?”
Dothraki: “Hash yer laz azhi hakees vekhikhi fin laz affiezoe noreth chek?”

English: “So, where are we heading today, then?”
Dothraki: “Majin, finnaan kisha dothraki asshekh?”

English: “Is this water drinkable?”
Dothraki: “Hash me laz indee jin eveth?”

English: “Can you repair my arakhs?”
Dothraki: “Hash yer laz arrissi arakh yeri?”

English: “Which way to the Mother of Mountains?”
Dothraki: “Kifinosi me dothrae Maisaan Krazaaji?”

English: “Have fun storming the castle!”
Dothraki: “Anha zalak meme vallayafa yera, jin athvashar okrenegwini!”

English: “I love the smell of molten gold in the morning … Smells like victory.”
Dothraki: “Me allayafa anna, jin achrakh hoshori ivisa kash aena… Me achrae athnajaharoon.”

English: “Say hello to my little friend.”
Dothraki: “Astas ‘M’athchomaroon’ okeosaan naqisa anni.”

English: “Ride or die.”
Dothraki: “Che dothras che drivos.”

English: “Go walk with your mother.”
Dothraki: “Ifas maisi yerit.”

Haven’t quite got the grip of it yet? You can listen to the phrases too.

Still need some more? You can find everything you need to know about the Living Language Dothraki course here.

I think we’re all ready to marry Drogo now!


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