Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston Cast in The Night Manager Series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hiddleston and Laurie are set to star in a limited-series adaptation of John le Carre’s 1993 espionage thriller, The Night Manager. BBC will air the series in the U.K.

Book Synposis

The night manager is Jonathan, orphan son of a solder hero, too-young veteran of clandestine operations in the bandit country of South Armagh. In flight from a failed marriage and his own past, Jonathan has taken refuge in the luxury hotel trade, but finds no escape from his demons.

Driven partly by a desire for atonement and partly by an inherited patriotism, Jonathan allows himself to be recruited as a British secret agent with a mission to expose the murderer of the woman he himself betrayed.

His odyssey takes him to the cliffs of West Cornwall, to the mining belt of Quebec province, to the decadent splendour of the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and post-Noriega Panama: but most fatefully to the jungles of secret Whitehall and Washington, where the unholy alliance between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade has its heart of darkness.

The Night Manager is a story of majestic reach, funny, sad, captivating and constantly thrilling; a tale of wickedness and courage, love and greed, of one man’s search for himself in a world going to the devil – and of two women, one murdered and one living, who mysteriously direct his journey.

Some Amazon reviews for the book,

‘A marvellously observed relentless tale’ (Observer)

‘Le Carré is the equal of any novelist now writing in English’ (Guardian)

‘A story complex and intense enough to carry both the philosophical weight and the page-turning tension that, combined, make him the supreme tale-teller he is’ (San Francisco Chronicle)

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