How Jonny Duddle Created the New Harry Potter Covers

Jonny Duddle has had what he describes as “a fairly intense Harry Potter experience”. Between November and June, the children’s illustrator and author read all seven of J K Rowling’s Potter books and watched the eight film adaptations. In the next three months, he drew a new cover, front and back, for each book, and illustrated new presentation boxes.

Bloomsbury, Rowling’s publisher, and its design director Val Brathwaite, had decided it was time to give the series a makeover, hoping new artwork would make the books appeal to children who had never read them before. They approached Duddle because Rowling had seen a character he had created for a Pirates of the Caribbean game a decade earlier. He was one of four illustrators approached to do a test cover. “Initially I was reluctant to do it,” he says, “because I knew how busy I was going to be.”

For the whole story and to find out how you can see Johnny speak about Harry Potter in Bath next month, go to The Telegraph

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