All things Downton Abbey – Series Five!


Downton Abbey fans! If you’re struggling with the wait for series five, do not fear! Right here we have ten reasons from ITV as to why we all need to watch the upcoming series AND we have the first trailer!

To keep everyone waiting a bit longer to see the trailer, I’m going to start with the ten reasons to watch!

Times are changing
You may have noticed a few hints at change from the brand new trailer. We start series five in 1924 with much talk of a new Labour Prime Minister. Upstairs and downstairs, change is most certainly coming.

Sybbie and George
They’ve graduated from the nursery to fully fledged members of the household. We’ll be seeing much more of the Downton juniors. Keep a listen out for Sybbie’s new nickname for her Grandpa.

Even more secrets
Prepare for tensions between Baxter and Thomas to reach new heights, as her mysterious secret threatens to be exposed.

And on the subject of secrets, a surprise dinner guest causes quite a stir.

Jaw dropping drama
There is plenty more drama on the horizon, but it won’t be long before a major incident turns the temperature up for both the Crawleys and the servants.

The Dowager Countess and Lady Isobel Crawley
The friendly rivalry continues, but will Violet be able to resist meddling in Isobel’s affairs?

Mr Molesley
Always acting with the best intentions, Molesley just can’t seem to get things right. Get ready to be dazzled by his radical attempt to reinvent himself.

Downton disputes
Some of the best Downton disagreements take place during either a lavish luncheon or a sumptuous dinner. This series promises more fireworks in the dining room.

Witty one-liners
It may be grand, but the residents of Downton are blessed with the gift of razor-sharp rhetoric. Led by the Dowager Countess, the cast are back in full-form.

The wisdom of Carson
The rock of Downton Abbey dispenses words wiser than any scholar. Rest assured that Mr Carson will be on-hand to give his unique and stubborn views on the world around him.

Sunday nights will be exciting again

Says it all really, doesn’t it?

We’re told that there’ll be no shortage of drama either! Series 5 opens in 1924 as Britain gets it’s first ever Prime Minister – Ramsay MacDonald, whose election the Earl of Grantham takes exception to.

To build up your excitement some more, here’s the trailer!

UK fans do not have long to wait either! Series five will hit ITV screens on Sunday September 21st at 9pm.


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