Doctor Who: Who is Missy? 9 Fan Theories!


Whether we’re all loving or hating the new Doctor Who and the current series, I don’t think it stops any of us asking questions about mysterious new character “Missy – the Gateskeeper of the Nethersphere” portrayed by Michelle Gomez.

So here are some fan favourite theories to get your minds a-wandering!

1) Missy is the TARDIS!

Here’s what the fans think!

“A physical aspect of the TARDIS was played by Suranne Jones in a previous episode, it doesn’t mean it’s going to keep the same appearance later on.”

“Also If the Doctor Regenerates, The TARDIS also regenerates/changes. Therefore wouldn’t Idris change/regenerate as well? Just a thought…”

2) Missy is The Rani!

“Perhaps its a female time lady (Rani or a new character) who escaped the Time War/Gallifrey and went a bit mental and has fallen in love with the Doctor. The garden would look similar to River’s garden, because she feels she’s competing with his wife.”

3) Missy is Romana!

“Could she be a somewhat insane version of Romana? Back from the other universe etc? After all, K9 always called her ‘mistress’ which could be ‘Missy’?”


4) Missy is… Clara?!

“I still think it’s a bit of Clara from when she jumped into the Doctors timeline and got split into the different timestreams… so many hints about Clara’s unpleasant personality traits and the Doctor being her boyfriend references in the 1st episode which set my klaxon bell ringing.”

5) Missy is The Master?

“I think she’s the Master. No-one else is that mental!

Could this fan be on to something here?

6) Missy is actually a new character!

“Honestly, I don’t know why you lot are wasting your time thinking up possibilities, ‘oh she’s the Rani’, ‘definitely a female Master’. Although it’s good to speculate, Missy is clearly a brand new character. It would be a new low to bring up a character that’s had their story done with.


7) Missy is River Song?

“River? Missy? Mississippi? Or am I reading too deeply into this!!!”

8) Missy is someone we haven’t thought of yet!

“If it is heaven, then it could be anyone. Maybe Peri in a different guise? Or maybe Adric, who has taken on a slightly more feminine form. It should also not be ruled out that this is the final incarnation of the Doctor.”

9) Missy is The Valeyard!

“I agree with anyone who thinks Missy is the Valeyard. I’ve broken down the reasoning behind my inevitably completely wrong theory below:

1. She said she’d keep the Scottish accent, because she’s expecting to become the (next) Doctor herself.

2. This is the producers’ sneaky way of seeing how people would react to a female Doctor. Clara’s long-winded angst/Matt’s cameo gave the impression that they were nervous just about an older Doctor. This way the (sort of) Doctor is female, but if viewer reaction is negative, then she doesn’t really count.

3. Some viewers seemed to think that her garden layout resembled the TARDIS console – anticipating her eventual home?

So, what is the million dollar answer to that question. “Who is Missy?”

What are your theories, we’d love to hear!


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