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Hi everyone, and welcome to the rebranded site. Before I explain what you can expect from Beyond Books or, as we have come to affectionately call it, BB, let’s give UK Twilight the respect it deserves by bidding it a fond adieu! Saying that however, every single post we have made about all of the cast, books and movies from the Twilight Saga are still here for you to look at. Just use the search box at the top of the page. In the almost two years since the saga came to an end, UK Twilight diversified by bringing you news from other fandoms whether they were books, movies or TV shows and as BB we endevour to do the same. You may ask why bother with the changes if things are going to be the same? Well, they are going to be the same but not, whereas UK Twilight brought you news of the cast when they went to the opening of an envelope, that is no longer the case. If however, they turn up in a movie from a book or at an event like the Oscars then you can be sure we will have Robert Pattinson all over the main page . . . in spades. So there you are, this is us moving on and hoping you will support us as you all have done for the last 5 years!

Thank you
Elaine, Dani, Sam, G, Zoe and Issie

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  1. avatarJoanne Kershaw

    Looking good ladies and thanks for supporting the Vnaguars Legacy series! Will be excited to keep up to dat with the new site 🙂


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