The Expendables 3 Review

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****Please be aware that this review may contain potential spoilers.****

Sylvester Stallone along with director Patrick Hughes has literally pulled out all the stops on this one; guns, tanks and explosions hit you less than a minute in the movie. And yet The Expendables 3 still cleverly holds a plot even with the action sequences as you are taken through this thrill ride of a movie. Wesley Snipes is back for the ride, looking better than ever as the gang help ‘Doc’ to escape after being held captive. Doc’s wit and lovable character make him an instant success with the audience.

It takes about a minute until the shooting begins, introducing the audience to the action-packed sequel that we were all expecting. We see the old crew reunite in order to take on yet another mission yet this one turns out to be anything but routine. An old friend of Barney’s (Stallone) catches him off guard and leaves his team in ruins, therefore leaving him with no choice other than to merge the old with the new, which includes a familiar face the incredible Kellan Lutz!

Lutz plays the part of Smilee, a young tear away needing a lot of direction. We see him recruited off the streets of Mexico mid-brawl, sweating and beaten. Lutz’s performance throughout was clever and full of potential. We do not learn much about where he came from or what led him to become a trained combat fighter, but Lutz shows off his moves and we see him play an integral role into what could become something bigger in the future if another sequel is planned.

The young new bloods entering the territory of the already established team causes quite a raucous among the senior generation. Overall I found that this spin opened up the story that much more and will most certainly appeal to a younger audience. Ronda Rousey off screen abilities were definitely a hit with the audience and made her more than qualified to stand up there with the big boys.

Of course the majority of the movie is fast paced with grenades galore, that is what we all expect from this fearsome franchise. The Expendables 3 brings to the table a new perspective on what it means to be ‘expendable’.

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