The Rover UK Promo: The Best Bits


Well its been a very busy week in the land of The Rover starring Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce and directed by David Michôd. All three have taken over London in the last week with a Q&A event at Regent Street’s Apple Store, a fan/press screening at BFI as well as the many press junkets. We thought it was only right we brought you the bests bits from the last week.

Pattinson said: “It was really in the middle of nowhere – it wasn’t even like Ayer’s Rock, touristy Outback. There’s nothing at all. “I don’t even know what people were doing out there, I think it was opal mining or something. It’s not really something you can find good advice on. I realised the hats Australian people wear with the corks on… I thought that was just for the look, but it’s actually to keep away flies and it worked very well.” – Western Morning News READ MORE

Pattinson, 28, right, said: “I liked the anonymity. There was nothing there. I’ve never shot anywhere like this before, there’s just nothing for miles and miles and miles. “I think it’s really fun to work with a crew in a tiny little town where everybody’s hanging out with each other all the time. You develop a great bond, and I haven’t had that for a while. Considering it’s a pretty dark movie and quite bleak, we ended up having loads of fun.” – London Evening Standard READ MORE

The Empire Film Podcast with Robert Pattinson and Simon Pegg (Robert comes in at 16 minutes and 7 seconds)

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Robert Pattinson talk about camels and Simon Pegg explain the finer points of throwing a chair out of a window, you’ve come to the right Empire Podcast episode.

‘If you’re doing something where you’re not playing someone who’s sweaty and disgusting all the time, then it would have been annoying,’ he told us. ‘But when you can wallow in it, it’s nice.’ Next up, Map To The Stars, which sees him seducing Julianne Moore’s over-the-hill actress in the back of a car, something, it turns out, he didn’t feel all that comfortable with. ‘I always find sex scenes the most random thing to see in a movie,’ he said ‘Two actors pretending to have sex! Why? It’s so stupid.’ – Marie Claire READ MORE


The best thing about Robert Pattinson is how weird he is. If he weren’t acting, he’d be the one in the office grinning with half a mouth and going out of his way to avoid the water cooler. He’s friendly, but weird — with a laugh like Butt-head if he’d gone to a nice independent school in Barnes. We met in May at the Cannes film festival, once he’d finished his cigarette under a sky barely holding its rain. To call his clothes “grunge” would be a disservice to the thought that goes into grunge. It’s just messy: lumberjack shirt, T-shirt, trainers, white jeans. “I’m so hung-over,” he moans, as I turn the tape on. “I feel absolutely disgusting.” – The Sunday Times READ MORE

The Rover Q&A – twitter user @word_scribbler

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