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****Please be aware that this review may contain potential spoilers.****

Silence, then more silence, everyone is trying not to move in their squeaky BFI theatre seats and to control urges to cough for quite a while. I have jumped into this one blind. I am not sure what to expect, who to expect or when to expect. The scene finally sets, in a dystopian outback in Australia ten years after a global economic collapse. Everywhere is desolate, dry and plain- I’m now figuring out why the outback is a perfect choice of setting.

Rey (Pattinson) is introduced in a bad way, lying on the ground with a bad gunshot wound. It is only after he meets Eric (Pearce) do we discover that he is an American with a heavy southern accent. There is little dialogue spoken between the two men, and it is often what goes unsaid that speaks the most.

Pattinson’s performance is as gripping as Pearce’s but they couldn’t be further apart as actors and characters. Eric is a man on a mission to retrieve his stolen car, whereas Rey has been dealt another bad hand when fate brings these two together for the same reason- to find the man who has Eric’s car. We see them drive across Australian terrain with drums as soundtrack to find what they are both seeking.

It is difficult to write without giving anything away, but this really is a film where you need to see it and explore what it’s all about as the tale unfolds. I found myself jumping at parts that shouldn’t have scared me, and being utterly complacent as a bullet went through a soldier’s head.

The Rover is not for the faint-hearted that’s for sure, there is violence and more violence, but the finishing few minutes of the film will melt any heart as you watch and you are left feeling enlightened to have seen it.

The ending is a pivotal point on which the whole film is based around, and yet this does not distract from the film one bit. You do not care about motive or reason, you simply are catching a small glimpse into the lives of two very broken men and what they discover about one another is a thought-provoking piece of entertainment.

The Rover Q&A

The Q and A consisted of the Director David, Guy and Robert all looking casual yet smart. Rob was wearing a red suede jacket paired with the classic ‘tousled hair and stubble’ look that makes him 50 shades of sexy!

Questions were mostly focused on the film and the relationship between Rob and Guy as well as their characters. They talked about having one week prior to filming together in a hotel room, and then somehow the Q and A became one big innuendo for a time. Then the questions were opened up to the audience. One Rob fan asked him how he is able to play such a wide variety of characters, to which he responded, ‘it’s because I’m schizophrenic’, added with a laugh.

Pattinson, fiddly as ever, is constantly fidgeting with hand in hair. He answers all questions with a light-hearted manor and jokes about his lack of experience and not knowing what he was doing half the time. But that’s just him- we know that he never tries to be the star of the show when he clearly is. After seeing The Rover you will know that his modesty and shyness is all just a ruse, Robert knows he can actually act and this performance really is a stunner from every cast member.

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