Morganville Vampires: The Series… The trailer!


So, Morganville Vampire fans! It’s been a while since we had any news for you but now we do!

Following the filming of the much anticipated web series for Rachel Caine’s first edition of the successful book series “Glass Houses”, and the editing of said series, the author and her co-producer Blake Calhoun unveiled the first trailer for the series at this years San Diego Comic Con!

Now, if you were a backer to last years Kickstarter campaign then there is a chance you may have already seen the trailer as those who donated were given the link to the trailer privately one week ago (lucky things!) but for anyone who hasn’t…

While there is no released date for the series yet, fans are promised that it is SOON! So while we all wait impatiently, have this picture of the awesome Glass House Gang…


Are you as excited as we are?

Welcome to Morganville!… You’ll never want to leave…

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  1. avatarAndrea Gray

    Oooooooooooo can’t wait to see this, I’ve read all the books more than once, best stories ever…..


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