Dr Who: “Deep Breath” to be Screened in Cinemas Across the UK and Ireland and Exclusive London Event


As part of BBC Worldwide’s global event celebrations to mark Peter Capaldi’s debut series of Doctor Who, UK fans will have the opportunity to see the first episode of series 8 in cinemas in the UK and Ireland, as well as on BBC One, on 23 August 2014.

To celebrate the launch of series 8, an exclusive cinema event will take place at London’s Odeon Leicester Square on August 23 with some very special guests in attendance.

To find out if your local cinema will be screening the episode and showing the live stream of the Q&A from the Leicester Square Cinema Event check out doctorwho.tv and enter your postcode.

What: Exclusive London Event – “Never seen before” 5 minute video from an upcoming Doctor Who DVD release followed by the episode “Deep Breath”. After the episode there will be a special 10 minute behind-the scenes of episode one feature, followed by a live Q&A.
When: 23rd August 2014
Where: Odeon Leicester Square
Ticket Price: £30. Tickets can be purchased HERE but are limited.

FAQs for the London Odeon Event

Why are the Odeon Leicester Square tickets more expensive than other participating cinemas?
The Odeon Leicester Square event will feature an exclusive live Q&A with special guests in person, so the ticket prices are slightly higher to reflect this.

When and where can I buy tickets?
Tickets will be available on the Odeon London Leicester Square website from Friday 1 August at 10am.

Will it be in 3D?
No (but it will still look incredible on the big screen!)

Will I get the chance to see the special guests?
After the episode, the special guests will appear on stage for a special live Q&A session.

When will you release the names of the special guests?
We will release the names of the special guests very soon.

Is this a family event?
Absolutely – this is an event that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The episode has been given a PG certification.

Will refreshments be available?
Your ticket for the event at the Odeon, Leicester Square will include popcorn and water, which will be found on your seat. Refreshments will also be available to purchase.

Will I be able to buy any Doctor Who merchandise?
Merchandise will be not available on the day however you can purchase Doctor Who merchandise from BBCShop.com.

Will I get to see anything extra in the cinema?
Before the episode starts, you’ll get to watch a ‘never seen before’ five minute video from an upcoming Doctor Who DVD release. After the episode, there’ll be a special ten minute behind-the-scenes of episode 1 feature, followed by the live Q&A. The Q&A will be streamed live into participating cinemas in the UK and Ireland and the behind-the-scenes content will be available on BBC Red Button and BBC iPlayer.

What time will it end?
The event will finish between 10 – 10.30pm.

Can I dress up?
Yes! Grab your Fez, dust off your TARDIS dress and come dressed in your Doctor Who finery – although please do not wear masks or bring any props that resemble weapons. You may not be allowed entry into the cinema.


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