The Runaways Exhibition At The Evil Rock N’ Roll Hollywood Cat


Opening June 14th is The Evil Rock N Roll Hollywood Cat first ever exhibition. Running until July 31st, this Hollywood boutique dedicated to all things rock and roll will be showing photos of The Runaways taken by Brad Elterman. Prints are for sale! Limited Editions!

The Runaways exhibit curated by Kristen and Riley Keough and presented by Juliana Sorelli. Located at 1608 N Las Palmas Ave, Hollywood. Everyday from 1pm to 7pm, closed on Tuesday. For more information visit Sorelli Presents

***All photos owned by kstewartnews***


  1. avatarGaven Ross

    Is this Runaways exhibit still open?

    1. avatarZoe Jordan

      I’m afraid the exhibit ran until the end of July and is now over.


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