Trailer for Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me


A pair of former high school sweethearts reunite after many years when they return to visit their small hometown.

That’s a pretty basic synopsis but as with all Sparks novels, things go deeper than that. I’m a big fan of Sparks novels. Anyone who read or watched The Notebook or A Walk to Remember would need a heart of stone not to shed a tear or three and I expect The Best of Me will leave cinema goers wringing out their kleenex again. If you have read the book as I have, you’ll know that the story is about a young couple Amanda and Dawson who are from different sides of the tracks. Circumstances lead to them seperating and the story picks up when a friend of the pair dies and they are reunited for his funeral. This is what Sparks said inspired him to write the book.

When I set out to write this novel, I knew I wanted to focus on middle-aged characters—people in their forties who are really beginning to confront the “what-if” questions, and who are starting to second-guess the choices they made when they were younger. For Amanda, this is asking herself what would’ve happened if she married the man she loved rather than the someone else?

I actually first used a funeral to bring old friends together in an old, unfinished manuscript, but I used it again in The Best of Me because it was a natural fit with these characters. When someone dies, it really prompts those what-if questions—it makes you look long and hard at the life you are living in a way that I think is essential to Amanda’s and Dawson’s growth throughout the book. With these big questions in mind, the story began to develop in my head and, eventually, on the page.

The movie stars James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan as the older Dawson and Amanda with Liana Liberato and Luke Bracey as their younger selves.

For more information on The Best of Me go to Facebook and Nicholas Sparks

The Best of Me has an October 17th release date slated for the USA. The UK is yet to be confirmed.

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