UK Twilight Exclusive Interview with Author Cassandra Clare


UK Twilight were invited for a one on one interview in April with The Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare on part of her City of Heavenly Fire tour. On one of the hottest days in April I travelled 250 miles on the train to central London. After getting a little bit lost I finally found the hotel where the interview was being held, and to say I felt out of my depth was an understatement.

After being taken from the reception to where the interviews were to be held to meet the Walker Books staff, I introduced myself and was told they were running a bit behind but my I would be seeing Cassandra soon. Before I was shown to the waiting area, I looked up only to realise Cassandra Clare herself was sat in front of me behind the people I was talking to, the nerves I’d had previously came back full force especially when she said hi and waved. I’m not sure if I responded properly or maybe just squeaked a reply.

I managed to compose myself in the waiting area and was then hooked up with a microphone and taken in to speak to Cassandra. The majority of our questions were asked by the fans of Cassandra’s books and even though we only had a 10 minute interview we tried to get through as many as possible. To see what happened next check out the video below.

We hope you enjoyed watching the interview as much as I did doing it and a huge thank you to Walker Books for this amazing opportunity.


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  2. avatarKaya

    You were so calm Sam, I would have been having a meltdown 🙂

    1. avatarSamward (Post author)

      That’s because I was being all professional….well trying to. When I left however was a completely different story.


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