Morganville: The Series Cast Revealed!

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After last years very successful Kickstarter campaign fronted by Morganville Vampires author Rachel Caine, Morganville: The Series is finally in production and filming.

Cast arrived on set yesterday and late last night the cast were finally revealed.

Amber Benson:


You all know her as Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer but now you’ll see her as vampire, Amelie the founder of Morganville.

Robert Picardo:


Robert will be playing Oliver, the owner of Morganville’s coffee shop, Common Grounds. You may know him as The Doctor in Star Trek.

Lindsay Seidel


Lindsay is the lucky girl to have been chosen to play new girl in town, Claire Danvers. The actress is probably best known for her anime voice overs.

Ben Easter:


Ben Easter is known for his roles in Pearl Harbour and Holiday in the Sun. He’ll be playing the role of musician Michael Glass.

Jordan Farris:


Playing Shane Collins, the buff slacker with a secret past is Jordan Farris! He’s new to the world of TV and film with his first movie “Army of Frankensteins” only being released last year.

Crewing the project is producer Blake Calhoun who is experienced with producing web series so I’m sure Morganville will be a breeze! Also producing is author to the popular book series, Rachel Caine.


For a sneaky peek at the rest of the cast, you can find out here.


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