Insurgent Given the Green Light by Liongate


Lionsgate have given the green light to the production on the Divergent sequel, Insurgent. Lionsgate expects Insurgent to begin filming in May with new director Robert Schwentke (taking over for Neil Burger), with theatrical release set for March 2015. It is likely the third film, Allegiant will follow in March 2016.

“We’re confident that ‘Divergent’ is on its way to becoming another important franchise for us.” – Jon Feltheimer, CEO of Lionsgate

The first movie of the series Divergent hit screens in the USA, Friday 21st March and made a whooping $54 million in its opening weekend and as of last Friday had made a gross of $95 million. UK fans still have 4 days to wait before it hits screens over here.

Insurgent IMDB

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