Captain America: Winter Soldier Review and Premiere Photos


****Please be aware that this review may contain potential spoilers.****

Captain America: The Winter Soldier sees Chris Evans suit up once more for the second installment of the Captain America story line, and brings enthusiastic cinema fanatics the first of Marvel’s action-packed blockbusters of this year. In The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers (Evans) is reunited with the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) on their most dangerous mission to date. Not wanting to give many spoilers away, but I will say that we see a different side to SHIELD in this film and lots of underlying tones to what the organization represents.

The film starts off with a mission to recover hostages from a pirate ship, the angles very obscure and dynamic. From the very beginning the audience will not be disappointed if they have come to see muscles, brawn and heart-stopping blows from both ‘The Cap’ and his many enemies. We see an interesting development between agent Romanov (Johansson) and Rogers as they learn to trust each other when seeking out their foes. We also see a round of fresh new faces in the winter soldier such as Robert Redford- if you have seen the trailer then it is obvious where his character stands, let’s just say he should stand firmly behind his shield! And speaking of the arctic assassin, I am talking about Sebastian Stan (his true identity to remain a secret for those who have yet to watch). Stan plays the role of villain rather well, and almost reminds me of the increasingly popular ‘likable villain’ that you cannot help but feel for, cough cough Loki.

What I was most surprised at in The Winter Soldier was the fast pace. I presumed that we would be shown many scenes of Rogers trying to fit into his new America, and although there are moments of blatant nostalgia for the past (curtain left Stan Lee appearance) he seems pretty adapted to his new playground. Some scenes are reminiscent of matrix-style car chases and fast flying objects which I found to be very edgy. Another edge I wasn’t counting on was in the shape of an eye patch. I am referring to Mr Nick Fury, who was surprisingly crucial to this plot. Samuel L Jackson (who sat just ten rows behind me during the film premiere) embodied the fury with hints of comedy and male sass and gave an excellent performance overall. I preferred Fury scenes to that of Captain America in some parts of the film.

Overall, The Winter Soldier is an instant success and guaranteed that you will not leave your cinema seats disappointed. Bear in mind that there are TWO end of credit extras to watch too, alluding to further Marvel characters due to make appearances in the near future.

Go and watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier and enjoy!

****All photos and review courtesy of Lauren Attwood please do not copy anything without asking for permission first****

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