Kellan Lutz Features in Mens Health UK!


Front cover and an inside spread! Which means we have lots of yummy Kellan photos to show off!

Featuring in the March edition of Mens Health UK, Kellan features in several photos and an interview revealing how to get a “Gods body”. The magazine is on sale now and also available as a digital version.

On his reasoning to start going to the gym: “I was bored [during filming of Twilight]. They put us in these mall apartment complexes – the fans and paparazzi were outside the whole time. So I hunkered down in the gym; it was my escape.”

On his workout advice: “I used to curl 55kg three times and think I was killing it. The next day my back would hurt like hell. Just go until you get the ‘pump.’ You’ll feel bigger instantly and won’t be sore the next day.”

On his loathing of cardio: “I had a full-body scan, and it turns out I have dense bones. The specialist asked if I liked swimming and I was like, ‘I love it.’ She said, ‘but you sink, right? I’m not a fan of running. I burn fat with body weight moves in between gym sets.”

Kellan also provided a taster of his grueling work out regime!

 “Staying upright on a horse is harder on your abs than anything and swinging a sword around really hits your core as well as your arms,” he says. Granted, there are no swords or horses at your gym, but the point is that for unreal abs you need genuine instability. Perform planks with your feet hooked into a TRX (horse) to destabilise your lower body and use the swinging and twisting of kettlebells (sword) in place of the basic up-down motion of a barbell. You don’t have to dress up – but it helps. “Swinging a 4kg sword around wearing superhero clothes? I mean that’s just fun.”

You can next see Kellan in “The Legend of Hercules” in cinemas from 28th March 2014


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