Tom Hoyle’s ‘Thirteen’ Published Today: Join the adventure on Instagram


Thirteen year old Adam is being hunted by a cult intent on sacrificing him before he reaches his fourteenth birthday. Twelve other boys, all born at the same moment as Adam at the stroke of midnight on millennium eve, have already been killed, but the murderous cult leader, Coron, will not rest until number thirteen has been sacrificed to ‘the master’…

Thirteen is a tense thriller about a boy targeted by an evil cult that believes boys born at the stroke of midnight on the millennium must die before the end of their thirteenth year. Sounds amazing, right? You can watch the teaser trailer below to find out more about the book and some very cool action happening on Instagram today to celebrate the books publication.

To celebrate today’s publication of #ThirteenBook, the publisher has worked closely with the author Tom Hoyle to create an amazing “choose your own ending” adventure on Instagram. You have to decide what to do to escape the cult and survive – and there are lots of chances to win books if you can make it!

All you have to do to get involved is head to Instagram/ThirteenBook on your mobile, tablet or computer, and look to see who is tagged in the first image – just press the icon on the bottom left of the image to see. Each tag gives you a choice. Would you run or fight? See if you can outsmart the cult and survive the game!

For more information on Thirteen, to win and iPad mini and iTunes vouchers, head to MyKindaBook

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