Taylor Lautner Cast in BBC 3’s ‘Cuckoo’

Taylor Lautner

Lots of rumours and dubious sources have been claiming that Taylor, who turned 22 yesterday, is to replace Andy Samberg in the BAFTA nominated 2nd series of Cuckoo. We’ve had our eye on this so when the Radio Times reported it we took notice.

In some rather unexpected casting news, Hollywood actor Taylor Lautner has replaced Andy Samberg in the cast of BBC3 comedy Cuckoo.

The second series of the Bafta-nominated comedy – starring Greg Davies and Helk out the rest of the articleen Baxendale as Ken and Lorna Thompson – will pick up two years after Cuckoo (Samberg) flew the coop to continue researching his book, going missing in the foothills of the Himalayas. Eventually presumed dead, he left behind his grieving wife – the Thompsons’ daughter Rachel.

Check out the rest of the Radio Times article HERE

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