UKTwilight’s Birthday Flashback!


Just over 5 long years ago, on a dull November day in the great City of London, a discussion after the press screening of Twilight over TGI’s lead to the birth of UK Twilight. This early version of todays site was built on a free forum with dodgy graphics but a lot of love for the fandom. The domain name was aquired and with the help of some very good friends the first version on UK Twilight was born by January/February the following year.

Admins have come and gone over the years, their love of Twilight fading but the current Team UKT have hung on in there on for the last couple of years so thank you Sam, Gem, Dani, Zoe, Alicia and Issie. Your hard work and dedication to the fandom is second to none.

We’ve had a few bumpy times what with hackers forcing the site off line but we’ve come through still smiling – I think. Luckily, the bad times have been outweighed by the good. We have guided you through The Twilight Saga and other movie premieres, helped you navigate all 9 Eternal Twilight conventions including Proms (and will be here through ET10) and given away some fantastic prizes including premiere tickets, books, custom artwork and much more.

It would be remiss of me to sign off without thanking a few key people in the history of UK Twilight, Jessica who actually came up with the name and was at that dinner in TGI’s, Debz who coerced her hubby Phil into building the site and Sheena who went above and beyond in her dedication to finding html codes to make things look pretty!

But of course none of us would be here without the fans who have supported us over the last 5 years so thank you and here’s to the next 5!!

PS – Earlier visitors to the site might remember when we looked like this –






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  1. avatarjean

    Happy Birthday its been 5 magical years


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