Justine Wachsberger & Charlie Bewley on the set of Transference

Justine Wachsberger recently tweeted that she had been reunited with Charlie Bewley on the set of Transference.


What is Transference we hear you say? We have no idea- we’re awaiting more information!

Charlie Bewley has recently been announced for a new film for 2014 called Thunder Road in which he is to portray Cpl. Charles Rhodes, alongside Matt Dallas and Steven Grayhm. The storyline will be based on the physical and mental hardships and personal triumphs of three soldiers as they attempt to assimilate back into civilian life after returning home from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You’ll be able to catch Justine Wachsberger as Lauren in Divergent when it is released in UK cinemas next year on April 4th 2014.


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Thunder Road on IMDb

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