John Green steps on set for The Fault In Our Stars!

Recently, the first day of filming, for the screen adaption of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, has taken place! John and actor Ansel Elgort (Augustus Waters), posted pictures through Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, sharing their on-set experience!



John tweeted a photograph of the invented tablet called Phalanxifor, (which, in the book, is the drug Hazel Grace [Shailene Woodley] takes to prevent her cancer from spreading), along with the caption “Guess where I am?! Can’t believe it’s all becoming real.”


Ansel shared a photograph of himself with fellow cast mate Sam Trammel, who plays Hazel Grace’s father (top left, above) and a photograph of himself and Shailene Woodley!


Whilst on set, John tweeted saying:


Awww! This makes us even more excited!! We’re glad to see everybody involved, is enjoying making this film – we can’t wait to see it!

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Ansel Elgort on Twitter  Shailene Woodley on Twitter

DFTBA, guys!


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