The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Review and Press Conference

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Press Screening and Conference. London 19th August 2013

I have made this as spoiler free as possible!

It would be easy for me as a fan of The Mortal Instruments book series to say, ‘’OMG! It was wonderful, couldn’t fault it at all, everything is perfect.’’ But I would be lying!

Yes it was wonderful but there are a couple of faults that I’m not picky enough to pull apart, it would be pointless. The minute Jace shows Clary and Simon into the Institute you will be transported faithfully into the mind of Cassandra Clare to a place where her graphic descriptions have been brought to life.

We all know the story behind the animosity that Jamie Campbell Bower encountered when he was cast in the role of Jace Wayland but let me tell you here and now, Jamie really is Jace. This is evident in how you can see Jamie’s personality come through in the role. He ‘gets’ Jace’s sense of humour, he looks like he could do ten rounds with the nastiest demon going (and frequently does) and still have time to woo the girl while fitting in a bit of a rescue mission of said girls BFF!

Lily Collin’s Clary is strong and feisty, just how she should be but with a bit of goth glam thrown in for good measure! She wears her thigh high boots with style and still manages to kick butt! Lily’s portrayal of Clary could have easily been whiny and annoying in a ‘whoa is me’ way but she’s more of a ‘well alright then, let’s get on with this’ type of gal.

Robert Sheehan as Simon is geeky enough to be lovable but with sparkling eyes and a cheeky grin to make you swoon. Fans know the story, he’s in love with his best friend, she sees him as a brother and when this is revealed in the movie, let’s just say, get the tissues out.

There are a few moments that will make you go ahhh and a few that will have you reaching for the tissues.

The rest of the supporting cast back up this trio a treat to make a movie that is fast paced and the running time of 129 minutes 49 seconds seem like no time at all. I will even forgive Kevin Durand his slightly dodgy cockney accent! It was a delight to see that apart from the obvious need for CGI for the demons and other things that are of a supernatural nature, the movie is carried on the performances of the cast. The movie is high on action seguing seamlessly from one event to the other making it appear if the events happen over a shorter period of time that they do in the book, but that’s OK!

There are some changes to the original story, one in particular that left this viewer wondering how things will play out in City of Ashes but on the whole, the movie stayed true to Cassandra Clare’s novel.

But I do miss the inclusion of Church the cat!

I think I’ll be back in the cinema later this week for a 2nd viewing and maybe even a 3rd!

Following the screening, I hopped over to the press conference where presenter Alex Zane was on hand to ask the questions. A full audio file will be available soon (having some technical difficulties at the moment) but in the meantime. Here’s a few high lights.

Director Harald Zwart, Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace), Lily Collins (Clary) and Robert Sheehan (Simon) attended yesterdays conference. It was nice to see that the majority of the attending ‘press’ was made up of bloggers and fans with a few of the ‘pros’ mixed in. Harald got the ball rolling telling us why he took on the project and how he liked the idea of making a movie with a strong female role model. At the time he was brought in, Lily was already on board and this, he said, was another reason he got involved.

Lily told us how she spent 3 months training for her role as well as on going work outs during filming. She told us how she rose to the challenge of not only walking in her now famous thigh high boots but running in them too as well as her skimpy short dress! When asked which item in her wardrobe was her favourite, she said it was definitely the boots. Jamie also answered the same question revealing that his leather trousers were his favourite even though he tore the crotch on a few occasions and said you could see the repairs by the end of filming! Robert loved his hi top Nike’s which he has mentioned a number of times in interviews although from his description, we think he had a bit of a love hate relationship with them ;). Not to be out done, Harald said his favourite thing was his padded jacket which he wore while everyone else was freezing on set!!

A question from TMI-Scotland’s Eilidh took things in a more serious direction when she asked if Jamie thought the online fandom had now accepted him in the role of Jace. Jamie is very passionate about how people are treated online and said that the negative comments were based purely on looks rather than him as an actor and what he could bring to the role. He said the comments really affected him. He mentioned the ‘Jamie is Jace’ fan made book which was presented to him last month as something that really touched him and that he keeps with him all the time.

Like I said, there is at least 40 minutes of audio from the conference, showing the comradery between the 3 main cast members and the friendly relationship they formed with the director. We will also have pictures to share with you from last nights Apple Store Q&A which was attended by admins Alicia and Zoe.

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