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Here’s are two translations from friends Hannah and Simone!! Enjoy!

Hannah’s translation:

“I DON’T WANT TO BE AN ACTOR FOREVER.with his part a Twilight vampire Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson has become a superstar and teen hunk. In a talk with GQ magazine the 27 year old describes how he stayed calm during the hype created around him.

“I’ve been working the entire time. 24 hours a day. I didn’t have time to freak out.Working is the best thing to stop you from freaking out. I could ignore the masses of people outside my hotel that way. Bars were a different thing,there you would find different types of people who wanted to punch you with no reason
The Twilight saga gave him international fame but the first time he felt he was taken serious as an actor was in Cannes with the movie Cosmopolis from director David Cronenberg: since this movie I feel I have a new life, people finally talk to me at 27 as if I’m an adult.During my vampire time people only saw me as famous. David helped me becoming an actor.At the moment Rob sees his career as a temporary thing. “I don’t want to be an actor forever. I’m waiting for the next surprise”. He has made a promiss to himself:”every movie I make has to shown in Cannes`
“PATTINSON’S CAREER PLANS ARE A FAMILY BUSSINESS” His family doesn’t only play a small part in his private life.His parents and sister help planning his career too:” I let them read and choose scripts”I also give them lots of stress. They never choose to be the Twilight- Pattinson family. They get lots of visits rom papps too. Read the entire interview in the september issue of GQ

Simone’s translation :

“I don´t want to be an actor forever”

Robert Pattinson became a superstar and a teenie-heartthrob with his role as Twilight-vampire Edward Cullen. Now the 27 year old talks with GQ about how he kept his cool despite all the hype around him.“I just kept working. Sometimes it felt like 24 hours a day. I didn´t have time to freak out. Work is the best thing to keep you from freaking out.I was able to ignore all the people in front of the hotels. Bars are different. There are a lot of people who want to hit you. Without reason.”

The Twilight-Saga helped him to become a celebrity. But the first time he thought he was taken seriously as an actor was in 2012, when he played the lead in David Cronenbergs drama “Cosmopolis” which premiered in Cannes.“My life is totally different since I played that role because people began to talk to me like they would talk to an adult. During Twilight they thought I was just famous and nobody likes famous people. David helped me to become an actor. But I don´t want to be just that forever. I´m waiting for the next surprise.”Until he changes jobs he has one goal: “All my films should be shown in Cannes.”

His family has an important role in Pattinsons life. He includes his parents and siblings in his carrier. “We talk about new scripts and I´m asking for their input. I´m adding a lot of stress to their lifes. They didn´t choose to be the family of the Twilight-guy. Unfortunately they are often visited by paparazzi.”

and Simone’s translation from the blurb on the picture:
Somewhere between James Dean and Joaquin Phoenix. Thoughtful, grown-up, that´s how fotographer Eric Nehr sees Robert Pattinson.

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EDIT! Further translation. You can never have too many when your first language isn’t German 😉

Full Translation
French wherever you hear. That’s rare in the Beverly Hills Hotel, but the entire delegation of Dior came. Everything revolves around the new star of the Dior Homme Campaign, Robert Pattinson. Ex-’Twilight’ superstar, Teener dream the size of Justin Bieber and now on the road to a new life as full grown actor with huge success in Cannes. Pattinson is restless, no easygoing person. He smoked in the past, but those days are over. On the sofa next to him there are still packages though. He plays with the cigarette. Flips it over in his hand. Maybe he’s just nervous, because he’s starting a second worldwide carreer at just 27.

Mister Pattinson, your chewing away on this cigarette for quite some time now. Is it made from chocolate or chewing gum?
P: That would be very awkward. It’s a electronic cigarette.

Why do you not smoke anymore?
P: It just needed to stop. Just like the time as ‘twilight’ vampire.

Non smoker and short hair. Are those the telltale signs of a new phase in your carreer?
P: My hair probably speaks for itself and I really don’t have to express myself. I wonder why people are obsessed with my hair. Recently even Heidi Klum asked me in a tv show “Hey Robert, how do you get your hair to look so great?”.

Did you ever have a bad haircut?
P: A greasy ponytail, sleeked back with grease. And added loads of perfume. It was all too much. I could say I wasn’t a man back then

We can assume you are one now [a man]. In the commercial for the perfume Dior Homme you have a resemblance with Jean-Paul Belmondo in ‘out of breath’
P: I wanted to portray a real man in the clip, who has something sensitive, but still loves to be free. I think it’s rather embarrassing when men try too hard to be a man.

In the past when you were a model you almost looked like a woman. Didn’t that annoy you?
P: No, I was just too young. I did it to meet girls, without any plan of a carreer. I had a simple ‘just do it to have food’ attitude. Someone took a picture of me and I got 20 pounds for it.

After Twilight you were financially independent. Did this kind of success make you more aware of who you are, or did it make you rethink everything?
P: The only thing I know: I’m going somewhere. I have a an ability I wasn’t aware of until now if I could really do it: to do something in front of a camera and people will buy it.

Your success was something no one had ever whitnessed, even your colleague Emma Watson didn’t envy you for it. How did you stay calm in it all?
P: I just kept working, 24/7. I just had no time to freak out. Work is the best thing to keep you sane. That’s how I could ignore all the crowds in front of the hotels. In the bars it was a different story. There are a lot of people who just want to hit you.

Just because?
P: Yes without a reason.

Because they have seen your face on a bus-stop?
P: Maybe. That was enough.

Do you have a ’5-year-plan’?
P: Every movie I shoot, should be screened in Cannes. When I made the decision to do David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, all of sudden more other stuff was possible. David helped me to become an actor.

You are 27 years old now. It’s a dangerous age for the showbusinnes and as well for the emotional household.
P: Do you ask if I’m going to die this year? I was Edward Cullen long enough. I have a new life since the Cronenberg movie, the people talk to you like to an adult. They thought in the Twilight-time I’m just famous. And no one can stand famous people.

Why do you think that?
P: Its the ‘over-pattinson-powerfactor’. Suddently there are some faces rich and famous. It’s edgy for the other people.

Gifts, limousines..all that is good for your self-confidence. What is really important to you, to feel secure?
P: For me it was and it is my family. I let them decide over the scripts.

You let your family to decide over your next career steps?
P: Yes. They have lot of stress because of me. They didn’t choose to become the family of ‘Twilight-Pattinson.’ And sadly, they get lots of visits from the paparazzis.

How would you want to be? Which actor do you look at when you think about your future?
P: Joaquin Phoenix. His acting effects me personally.

In his documentation about himself, he makes fun of Hollywood and he doesn’t want to be an actor anymore.
P: I don’t want to be an actor forever as well

What then? Will you start a business in Silicon Valley and creating apps?
P I’m waiting for the next surprise. I’ve decided once already to quit acting. I shot ‘Little Ashes’ then. I’ve played Salvador Dali and had to shoot many nude scenes. Few days later I’ve got the offer for Twilight.

Can you take your time to decide over the next role?
P: I need to take time. But I have to be faster. These days the business manager are making decision whether you get the role or not and they don’t take long time for it. Beside that, I want to get older for other movie roles, to be more effective. You can be too young for a movie role.

For example?
P: When I shot Bel Ami, I was way too young for this character. This guy was an ‘Alpha-Alpha-animal’, smart, but blunt and immoral. Everyone who helped him, mostly women, . He was just too good in it, to be an a..hole.

Would you act now better as an a..hole?
P: I’m pretty sure about that.

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