Cathrine Hardwick Tweets: Extended Twilight – What Do Fans Want?

Director of Twilight, Catherine Hardwick tweeted the following last night:


 @C_Hardwicke: #Twilight Fans: they’re making an extended version of Twilight – what deleted scenes would you add back if you could choose?

What do you think? Personally, we’d like to see all the deleted and extended scenes put back in, there were some really good ones in the Special Features of the DVD. Would you buy it if it was released?

Share your thoughts with us via UK Twilight’s Facebook Page and of course with the lady herself Catherine, on her Twitter.



  1. avatarVeronica Blake

    I want every single deleted scene put back in! No exceptions. LOL

    1. avatarElaine (Post author)

      Oh yes, my thoughts exactly 🙂

  2. avatarhelen

    Would def have the bit where they fall over and Edward tells Bella her number was up when she met him that’s my fave


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