Vote for Twilight, Robert, Kristen and Taylor in the Teen Choice Awards!

It’s been a while since The Twilight Saga was nominated for a good lot of awards, isn’t it? The last year has been a bit of a let down after we, as fans, and the entire Twilight Fandom were dissed by the MTV Movie awards in the Spring.

The Teen Choice Awards, on Fox in the US airs this Sunday – and there is still time to vote. You don’t have to be in the US to sign up and cast votes, plus, you can vote DAILY. You do have to be under 18 – but it’s  just the case of putting a “year of birth” in the box (if you get what I’m saying 😉


Breaking Dawn part 2 has been nominated for no less than NINE awards this year, which we, here at UK Twilight know you’ll agree is amazing.


Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Best Romance


Robert Pattinson – Best Actor in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Kristen Stewart – Best Actress in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Taylor Lautner – Best Actor in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Robert Pattinson – Best Actor in Romance

Kristen Stewart – Best Actress in Romance


Kellan Lutz – Best Scene Stealer in Breaking Dawn Part 2


Robert and Kristen – Best Liplock in Breaking Dawn Part 2



Want to support Twi-Cast in their other ventures?


Taylor Lautner is also nominated for his role in “Grown Ups 2”  in the “Hissy Fit” category.

Frat Boy Andy (Taylor Lautner) at the frat house.

The beautiful Anna Kendrick – aka Jessica Stanley is also up for a couple of awards for her incredible movie, Pitch Perfect.  She’s up for Best Actress in a Comedy, and the film is up for Best Comedy. Many of her co-stars have been nominated in other categories, also.



If we want to go in real deep – Chris Hemsworth, who starred alongside Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman (and the upcoming second installment), has been nominated for Best Actor in an Action movie for his part in Red Dawn.



So go show your support, click on the link below to register and cast your votes. Make it count – it’s not too late. Let us wipe the floor and take home a few awards.


Go Go Team Twilight!



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