Breaking Dawn: Our Favourite Bits Part 2!

Continuing the celebration, next to share their favourite parts of the Breaking Dawn book is Alicia!


BD Alicia

One of my favourite parts of the Breaking Dawn book, would have to be Chapter 10, which is written from Jacob’s POV. You can really sense the emotion pouring out of him as he tries to convince Bella to stay alive.

“Do you really think that just because I might someday imprint on some stranger it would make this right? Tell me what the point was then, Bella! What was the point of me loving you? What was the point of you loving him? When you die, how is that ever right again? What’s the point to all the pain? Mine, yours, his! You’ll kill him, too, not that I care about that. So what was the point of your twisted love story, in the end? If there is any sense, please show me, Bella, because I don’t see it.”


“There was no point. I would never be able to save her from herself. I’d never been able to do that.”


“I’m not going to hang around and watch you die, Bella.”


“I almost went back. I almost turned around and fell down on my knees and started begging again. But I knew that I had to quit Bella […] before she killed me, like she was going to kill him.”


I chose this handful of quotes, because of how hard, emotionally, you can see this is for Jacob and it’s one of my favourite parts of the book, for exactly that reason. Because throughout the book series, you’re seeing things only through Bella’s point of view and I loved the change of character and getting to see things from a different perspective; but from a perspective of a loved character who has been with us throughout the whole series. You can see how frustrated Jacob becomes and in the end, he just feels like he’s let her down, because he can’t change her mind, no matter how much he tried. And I think everybody can relate to that feeling; we’ve all, at some point, been disappointed by the choice somebody close to us, has made, but felt guilty because you can’t of changed their mind, even though it wasn’t your fault.

I think, also, because of the way Stephenie wrote it, you can see how much it would make sense for her to agree with Jacob (and Edward), about the situation, but it’s like a mini battle inside your head, because you’re also siding with Bella because you’ve been with her throughout the whole series of books. I think it’s a very defining point in Jacob and Bella’s relationship as characters, because you see how differently they think, yet they still care about each other so much. And also, quite a defining point within Edward and Jacob’s relationship; as they have a mutual interest to keep Bella safe and alive- it really shows the lengths that both characters are willing to go to, to do exactly that.



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