Morganville Kickstarter Success


It’s official, The Morganville Vampires series WILL be coming to our computer screens thanks to generous fans and a Kickstarter campaign.

A month ago, author Rachel Caine, appealed to her fans in the hope to raise $75,000 in order to make every Morganville fan’s dreams become reality – To see the book series featuring Claire Danvers and her friends as a TV series.

A month later, 832 generous fans, the campaign is over and $81,752 has been raised.

So far we know that the wonderful Amber Benson will be in the role of Morganville Founder, Amelie.


So. What happens now?

First: We collapse. (Well, for a second or two, because 30 days of Kickstarter is kind of hard on us, you guys.) But then, Blake Calhoun and I will meet tomorrow to go over all of what we’ve got ahead of us, and report back to you as soon as schedules permit with a timeline of when things will start to happen. That will include details about auditions and stuff, which we’re already getting questions for — and can’t answer yet. So hold tight.

Second: My big to-do is that I will be writing (and rewriting) the season’s scripts over the next 7 days, while I am off to San Diego Comic Con!

In the meantime, you can keep up with the gossip on facebook and twitter!


For the Kickstarter page and all it’s updates.

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