The Mortal Instruments Panel at LFACC


The attendees of London Film and Comic Con were in for a treat on Saturday 6th July 2013 with a The Mortal Instruments panel with Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace Wayland) and Cassandra Clare (author). After the panel there was also a signing session with one item per person signed free of charge.

The tickets for the talk went quick and I knew people that had numbers varying from 60-650. I got my ticket at a 9:02am and the doors only opened at 9:00am and I managed to get ticket number 62 which put my on the third row back from the front. The tickets were completely sold out by 9:30am showing just how successful The Mortal Instruments could become.

Before the talk began the host was teasing us as to a surprise they had for us, there were lots of interesting guesses including Lily Collins attending, a Mortal Instruments convention being announced, another of the actors attending the talk and possibly a clip.

The surprise turned out to be a clip from the movie that has never been seen before. Not wanting to go into too much detail and spoiling it I just want to say that it was amazing. The clip was taken from when Jace and Clary visit Madame Dorothea to retrieve the Mortal Cup. In typical Jace fashion he turns up armed to the teeth and is asked to remove his weapons. Now this isn’t something I remember happening in the book (and Cassandra said the same thing) but she imagined that it was totally something he would do. We also got to see Jamie as Jace playing piano in the scene. All I can say is I can’t wait to see the rest of what happens before and after the clip.

We weren’t allowed to film the actual clip but we were allowed to film the rest of the panel. Apologies for part 3 of the video but by this point I actually needed to sit down so was only able to focus the camera properly on the tv screen. I also sacrificed the last question to get the photos in the gallery above.

****Please do not take any of the images or videos in this post unless you source back to UK Twilight and credit admin Sam Moden who attended the talk.****

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