From Bloodsucker to Blockbuster Hero



Interview by Topman:

Star of upcoming Viking epic ‘Hammer Of The Gods’, Charlie Bewley talks about life as a modern day action hero and life after the Twilight franchise.

Twi-hards will remember Bewley best from playing Volturi vampire enforcer Demetri in the Twilight series, but he has spent some time batting for the other team  – playing vampire slayer Vaughn in television series The Vampire Diaries.  Now the star of upcoming Viking epic Hammer Of The Gods, we caught up with Bewley to talk about life as a modern day action hero.

Topman Generation:  Charlie you’ve rocked up today in distressed boots with a grey tee and some cargo trousers that have a hole revealing red underwear…
Charlie Bewley: 
(pulls at his briefs through the hole) Maroon actually! (laughs)

TG: Is this an average look for you?
CB: Yeah, I’d describe my dress sense as minimalist. If I was cruising on the Nebuchadnezzar in Matrix land this is the stuff I’d wear. I like to keep it simple and tend to dress so I’m ready for anything. I’ve got two pairs of shoes – these ones I’m wearing are my hobo boots (Charlie’s wearing a brown pair of distressed brown boots that look like the sole are about to fall off) and these are pretty versatile. My other shoes are my New Balance Minimalist, which are my running shoes.

TG: How’d would you describe your dress sense as a child?
CB: Oh man, my mum was a hippie. I was like the kid from About A Boy! (laughs) I remember being six when I tried pulling off double denim and I remember getting sent out of the dinner hall! I wore shell suits a lot as well. I looked like an overdressed footballer.

TG: What are you most looking forward to about today’s shoot?
Mostly I’m looking forward to dressing smartly for once! This funky printed suit (the first look we shoot on set) looks pretty cool! Very 60s inspired. I’m definitely more of an underdresser than an overdresser when it comes to events. I have no idea how to dress (laughs). When it comes to events I tend to go left of the traffic lights. When it came to one of the Twilight premieres I wore this outfit by Skin Graft. It was a long gothic fur coat, all sleek and Matrixy.

I loved being in Twilight. Hunting vampires in Vampire Diaries was cool – I was    essentially a badass with loads of cool weapons but there’s no superpowers to it.


TG: Now you’ve mentioned it, let’s talk about Twilight. During the franchise you played Demetri, an enforcer for the Volturi who’s known for his tracking ability. How are you keeping track of your mates in the pub or the supermarket?
(laughs) Oh I just let them go! When I’m in a club or a pub I switch off my tracker and just go with the flow. I’m probably quite a bad tracker to be honest!  I had to buff up for the role of Demetri!

TG: What was it like being a member of Twilight cast, it must have been a whirlwind for the four films you were a part of.
It was a bit of an ego trip for four years. I got sent this YouTube video three years ago from a Brazilian Twilight fan of half of my face tattooed on her thigh! It took me about three seconds to properly take it in. Sure enough, three months later she sent me another photo of the full face tattooed on her leg.  It’s a pretty damn good likeness of me as well. Except for the fact that the next day I got my hair cut so it was outdated immediately. She got the tattoo right there on the leg, so if she was wearing shorts you’d see the lower half of my face. And every time she goes to the toilet they’ll be my face staring up at her.



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