Walking in the Shadow of Twilight: UK Twilight Admins visit Set Locations [Part 5]

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Part 5 – The Finale

It was time to start our journey back to Sea-Tac airport, but not without seeing three more locations on the way!

Our first location we stopped at, was Multnomah Falls in Oregon.  This is the waterfall you see in the background, in Twilight, when Edward and Bella are walking across the field to play baseball!

After checking out the lovely little gift shop, just by the car park for Multnomah, we got some penny’s pressed with Multnomah Falls on and they looked awesome!

We then headed on to Cascade Locks, the filming location for The Bridge Of The Gods, which is the bridge that Charlie & Bella drive over at the beginning of Twilight! The bridge is extremely epic and we drove over it to start our journey to our final movie location!

Twilight, Cascade Locks, OR - Bridge Of The Gods 1

Twilight, Cascade Locks, OR - Bridge Of The Gods 2

After an hour or so, we reached our final location of the holiday- which was a view over the Columbia River, on the Washington state side. This is the view we see, when Edward and Bella are up in the tree, in Twilight. When I got out the car and walked over to the look-out to take some photographs, I literally said to myself, “things like this, just don’t exist!” It was beyond beautiful!

Twilight, Columbia River - Edward/Bella Tree View 2

I then dragged myself away from the view and got back into the car and we headed straight for Sea-Tac airport. I can honestly say it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I am irrevocably grateful for every moment. I would also like to say a very, very special thank you to our friend, Susie, because none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for you; I am forever in your debt.

Thank you, for reading and for allowing me to share my experiences made, with you and I truly hope you get to make your own memories there, in the future.


– Alicia

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