Walking in the Shadow of Twilight: UK Twilight Admins visit Set Locations [Part 4]

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Part 4

Our next stops of the day were to be Corbett, Portland & St Helens!

In Corbett, was The View Point Inn, which sadly got really badly fire damaged in 2011. But going there, you can still see where the Monte Carlo arch would’ve been set up and the doors Edward & Bella walk through, to go inside.

After leaving Corbett, we headed down to Portland to go and see the real Cullen house! Just like when seeing the high school in Kalama, you just can’t believe you’re standing in front of it!

Twilight, Portland, OR - Cullen House 1

From the Cullen house, we stopped off at Starbucks to get a drink, then headed straight for St Helens, OR! Once we reached St Helens, we visited the Swan household which was used as a filming location in Twilight. When driving up the road, I recognized it straight away from where Billy Black drives past and glares at Edward!

From the Swan house, we headed into the town where we parked up and went to look at the Thunderbird & Whale bookstore and alley way, where Bella goes to buy the book about The Cold Ones! It felt really surreal walking down the alleyway and seeing the little building used for the bookstore at the end of it!

Twilight, St Helens, OR - Thunderbird & Whale Bookstore 2

Right next to the store (exactly like in the film) is the car park where Edward comes to save Bella from the group of guys harassing her. The ‘Worthington’ sign, on the wall in the background of the photograph, is also visible in the film!

Twilight, St Helens, OR - Thunderbird & Whale Parking Lot

We then walked back down, onto the main high street, to go and visit the hairdressers called ‘Cuts’. This was transformed into the Port Angeles dress store, which Bella goes to, along with Angela & Jess, in Twilight! The store owner kindly let me come inside and take a few photographs of where the set-up would’ve been!

After seeing ‘Cuts’, we then drove a little further down the main street, until we reached the house that was set up as ‘The Bloated Toad’ restaurant, for Bella & Edward’s first date!


We then headed back to Clackamas, where we were staying and spent the following day at Mt Hood Skibowl/Adventure Park- which we’d recommend for a short break from travelling, as it was a lot of fun! (Click here to visit their website.)

It was time to start our journey back to Sea-Tac airport, but not without seeing three more locations on the way!

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