Walking in the Shadow of Twilight: UK Twilight Admins visit Set Locations [Part 3]

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Part 3

We still had plenty more to see! Next stop, Kalama, WA & Clackamas, OR!

After leaving Forks, we drove for a few hours and eventually reached Kalama- the filming location for Forks High School!

Kalama, WA - Forks High School 2

This was, (and I think Dani may agree with me!), one of the best filming locations we had visited. This is because, as soon as you see it, your breath catches because you can’t believe you’re actually standing right there. It just felt truly unbelievable to be standing in front of such an iconic piece of the saga’s films!

Twilight, Kalama, WA - Forks High School

Below, are photographs of filming locations on the school site that were filmed, during Twilight. You can see the walkway, where Eric introduces himself to Bella. The small hill towards the forrest where Bella goes to confront Edward and also the parking lot! The school has also marked the name ‘Bella’ into one of their parking spots, where her truck was parked for filming, which we thought was pretty awesome!!

After seeing the school, we then got back in the car and drove a few more hours to reach Clackamas in Oregon, where we’d be staying for a few days. It was dark by the time we reached Oregon that same night, so we slept off the car journeys, to then start a fresh in the morning! The first place we went to, was Carver Cafe for some breakfast. We sat right next to the table where Charlie & Bella would’ve sat and the food was great!

Following breakfast, we headed to the Stone Cliff Inn, just a short drive away – which is where they filmed the famous Lion & Lamb scenes, where Edward reveals what he is, to Bella.

Twilight, Clackamas, OR - Stone Cliff Inn 1

The filming locations, are the photos shown below. Top left & middle: “And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb.” Top right: “I’m designed to kill.” Bottom left & middle: “As if you could outrun me!” Bottom right: “This is why we don’t show ourselves in the sunlight.”

Our next stops of the day were to be Corbett, Portland & St Helens!

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