Walking in the Shadow of Twilight: UK Twilight Admins visit Set Locations [Part 2]

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Part 2

We then started our journey, from Canada, down to Port Angeles… And after several hours in the car, a ferry ride, then several more hours in the car… we arrived!

Port Angeles, WA

This is where our ‘book tour’ of the Twilight saga officially started. There were three main locations to visit in Port Angeles, being the book store, Bella Italia and the movie theatre!

After walking around the lovely town, we got back in the car and started the hour and a half journey to the home of Twilight, Forks! Along the way, we passed Cresent Lake – although not a twilight location, we’d recommend visiting it anyway, because it was just that beautiful!

And then excitement filled the car as I saw a sign in the distance and turned to Susie and said, “…Is that what I think it is?” and Susie nodded! And it sure was!

Forks, WA

We were in the Forks, WA, area for almost two days and got started straight away! We stopped by Thriftway (Bella’s work place), Sully’s Burgers (the diner where Bella & Charlie would eat), Forks Police Station, Forks Community Hospital, Forks High School and the Visitor Information Centre! Outside the Visitor Information Centre were two of Bella’s trucks; the book version and the movie version!

Also in Forks, we went to visit the ‘book’ versions of the Cullen & Swan household!

We were lucky enough, that same evening, with Susie’s friends who lived in Forks (and kindly let us stay with them!), to have a bonfire down on First Beach, La Push – just like in the book! It truly was beautiful and we’re very thankful! It was too dark that same evening to explore, so we left La Push to the following day.

La Push, WA - Sign

In La Push, we stopped by the Treaty Line, Jacob & Billy Black’s house and also popped back down to First Beach!

So, now our ‘book tour’ was over… But we still had plenty more to see! Next stop, Kalama, WA & Oregon!

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